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Spirit Box P-SB7 & DAS-X1Bluetooth Speaker Combo Kit

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Spirit Box

There's nothing more terrifying than actually hearing a spirit respond to you in real time! The P-SB7 Spirit Box achieves this by continually scanning radio wave frequencies for anomalies.

A proven theory of expert ghost hunters is that spirits use radio waves and frequencies to communicate. When turned on, the SB7 Spirit Box begins frequently scanning radio waves. The user will hear traditional radio static while scanning. During scanning, an entity's voice may break through the static and be audibly heard!

The included DAS X1 bluetooth speaker provides "on-the-go" use with the P-SB7 Spirit Box by eliminating the need to plug into traditional speakers.

Get yours today so you can start hearing the voices of the dead!



model# 21487-36



  • -Loud, Durable Speaker with Adjustable Volume Control Dial on Top.
  • -Charge Speaker Before Use with the USB Cable and Connect to Your P-SB7 with the AUX Cords Included.
  • -P-SB7 Includes Selectable Sweep Forward / Reverse Sweep Rates, User Adjustable Sweep Rates
  • -New Revision 4 Model with 100 Frequencies Removed in the FM Spectrum to Improve Performance by Hearing More Responses in a Shorter Period of Time!


requires 3 (AAA) batteries; not included




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